See Around Britain

See Around Britain have written to us - they are organising a Doomsday Survey of a variety of venues for a photo travel app which gives visitors an advance look inside public venues, such as historic houses and museums.

Some information about the See Around Britain Charity:

·         See Around Britain is fully multilingual  (over 60 languages can be used) and uses GPS and a comprehensive use of photos to show how to find a venue and discover its attractions and facilities inside, to enable the user to check out if it is suitable for their interests or needs, including families with young children, older citizens, or individuals with a wide range of impairments.

·         It covers a vast range of venues and public places used in everyday life such as post offices or local shops, and transport provision, and a huge number of heritage sites, including parish churches, gardens, nature reserves and historic houses.

·         See Around Britain is a registered disabled-run UK charity, (No. 116 2172) , which began with over 500,000 photos taken with no public funding by its founder trustee, Marg McNiel, an Irish citizen (his unusual first male name is Norse) who has spent a lifetime in community and heritage education, travelling throughout Europe and the British Isles. Born with a mobility impairment and now an ME sufferer, he has joined forces with fellow trustees Vin West MBE and Trevor Palmer BEM to make the app available to be downloaded free from the Apple and Android Stores.  All 3 trustees are pensioners.

·         “The 21st-Century Domesday Survey will take it to the next level to increase its coverage further and invite online volunteers of all ages and interests using their smartphones or cameras to visit every kind of venue in their local area and village, to add to our website,” Marg explains. “The venue owners that they visit will get an awareness of the varied needs of disabled people, and how to best meet them.”

The Survey also has online volunteering opportunities in writing venue descriptions for the large backlog of photos waiting to be uploaded, social media to raise its profile, and admin and editorial support.

Volunteers can join and get online tutorials, and also submit their Survey photos and videos, at the bottom of the website About Us page at .

For more information contact directly.


Please let us know if you would like to find out more by contacting the charity on