DNA testing comparison site

Olivia from STEMfans, an extra-curricular group looking to encourage more people to pursue study and careers in science, technology, engineering, and maths, has written to me.

She explains that they’ve been looking at various DNA testing services and noted this guide that maps out the pros and cons of various ancestry DNA services, as well as the specific types of information that can be obtained from each: 


This isn’t an endorsement, but why not check it out and see what you think.

A new podcast

Simon Shaw wrote to tell us about a new venture that aims to spotlight extraordinary characters from the past, yet who often remain unknown outside of their locality.

“Invisible Lives” is a recent introduction to the world of podcasting, telling true stories from our rich history that are rarely heard.

You can hear the stories either through searching for “Invisible Lives” on the podcatch application of your choice, or by clicking through on the link below:



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A Day in Archaeology 22 July 2019

The Council for British Archaeology’s (CBA's) Festival of Archaeology will take place from 13-28 July 2019 and will showcase the very best of British Archaeology.

Have you ever wondered what archaeologists really do?  Do they just dig or are there other aspects to their work?

A Day in Archaeology showcases "a day in the life" of archaeologists from all over the UK. Anyone with a personal, professional or voluntary interest in archaeology can get involved.

Find out more about participating in A Day of Archaeology here: https://festival.archaeologyuk.org/day/about