Betley Local History Society wants to protect old documents from being destroyed, whether they be old letters, bill heads, invoices or photographs of people and places within the parish or village.

Everything we can save helps to build up a picture of the life and times of the past of this area - a legacy for all of us and for generations to come.

Here's a link to an Excel spreadsheet (90Kb) containing details of our current (June 2019) archives.

Items marked ‘Library’ may be borrowed by members of the Society. If you’d like to look at our archives then please consider joining our Society - it currently costs just £6 per year; contact us for more information.

Other items may be viewed by both members and non members at our monthly meetings or dedicated research meetings. Please email the Society indicating which items you are interested in.

The spreadsheet contains the known archives that we hold in the Chapel repository, however there are additional items which we have not yet completely catalogued.

Here’s a link to an alphabetical list of names that have been associated with, and appear on memorials within, the village of Betley. For more information please look at the Betley Monumental Inscriptions page here.

Betley Historic Charter

Staffordshire Extensive Urban Survey (EUS) was funded in 2012 by English Heritage as part of a national programme of surveys. 

The main aim of the survey was to understand the development and the current historic character of 23 identified medieval towns within the county. Betley was one of the settlements which formed part of the survey. (8.5Mb).

The resulting document (8.5Mb) was published on the Staffordshire County Council website in 2013 - click here to download the PDF.

Summary of Archive Contents

General Interest

  1. Rules & Articles of the Female Friendly Society of Betley, Madeley & Balterley - 1810

  2. Water Wheels on Checkley Brook etc

  3. Inventory of Goods, Cattle & Chattels of Thomas Pawley - 1638

  4. Betley Ladies College - Prospectus

  5. Betley Subsidy Roll -1327

  6. Staffordshire Hearth Tax - 1666

  7. Pleas in the Tamworth Courts - 1290's

  8. John Chetwynd of Betley - Holdings with Values/Rents? - 1727

  9. Souvenir Programme Coronation of Queen Elizabeth Second - 1953

  10. Betley Apprenticeships - 1716 - 1798

  11. Tribute to Dr R T Rodgers of Betley - 1966

  12. Dorothy Hughes' Childhood Memories of S-O-T Workhouse (The Grubber) Mid 1920's to mid 1930's

  13. Derivation of Names - Robert Speake

  14. Transcripts of Tapes of Lily Brookshaw, Harry Dodd, Bill Thornhill, Clifford Johnson, Tom Brassington & Mrs. Mottram

  15. Index to Tithe Map - 1845

  16. Examination of James Cotton - 1790

  17. Queen Anne's Bounty - 1714

  18. Programme of Betley Court May Festival - 1981

  19. Schedule of Betley Horticultural Show - 1915

  20. Schedule of Betley Horticultural Show -1989

  21. Census Returns - 1851 - 1891

  22. Tollett/Wickstead Accounts Book - 1814 - 1830

  23. Tollett/Wickstead Cash Accounts Book - 1834 - 1843

  24. Poor Rates Book

  25. File of Various Press Cuttings

  26. Album of Various Photographs

  27. Tapes of Conversation with Harry Dodd, Clifford Johnson & Bill Thornhill

Personal Items Donated by Local Residents 

  1. Crewe Co-op Share Pass Book (Donated by Mrs. M Patrick) - 1953 - 2001

  2. People Newspaper Free Insurance Certificate (Donated by Mr. L Bradshaw) - 1931

  3. News Chronicle Free Insurance Certificate (Donated by Mr. L Bradshaw) - 1933

  4. Local Photographs of road through Ravenshall, Schoolchildren, Betley Church, and Formal Group.(Donated by Ted Watkin)

  5. Group of 19 copies of letters and envelopes relating to Betley 1760 to 1981. (Donated by Mike Tuttle)

  6. Report on Railway Collision on 17th November 1954 at Betley Road. (Donated by Gregor Shufflebotham)

  7. Album of 30 aerial colour photographs of Balterley, Betley, & Wrinehill. (Donated by Ian Ashbolt)

  8. Vellum transcription of a Property Indenture dated 3rd September 1783 (Donated by Gregor Shufflebotham)

  9. Vellum transcription of a Land Indenture dated 5th September 1699 (Donated by Gregor Shufflebotham)

  10. Mouring card & bill for food following the funeral of diphtheria victim Ronald Aplin 1933 (Donated by Olive Breeze)

  11. Copy of Betley & District C of E School Log Book 1940 to 1971 (Donated by Dorothy Hughes)

  12. Copies of 8 maps of the area covering Betley, Madeley, Leycett, & Keele (Donated by David Thompson)

  13. Vellum transcription of a Betley Old Hall Estate Indenture dated 2nd March 1705 (Donated by BLHS)

  14. Watercolour paintings of the village (extract from Cheshire Life Magazine September 2003) (Donated by David Thompson)

  15. Auction Sale Catalogue for the Madeley Estate in 1921 & various Estate records and Conveyances of Dwellings & Land - (Donated by Audrey Darlington)

  16. Copy of "Betley 1850's to 1990's A Brief History" from Betley in Australia. (Donated by Phil Coops then BLHS)

  17. Copies of the Last Will & Testament of Randle Egerton esq, the Honerable Charles Egerton, & George Tollet - (Transcribed & Donated by Gregor Shufflebotham)

  18. Documents, Letters & Papers relating to Egerton & Tollet Assets, Charities Expenditure, Fields Farm rental receipt - (Donated by Judith Fowler)

  19. Transcripts of 1327 Subsidy Roll, 1666 Hearth Tax, 1766 Act of Parliament relating to the Turnpike through Betley - (Donated by Judith Fowler)

  20. Letter dated 1780 relating to Jeffrons Hays, Population tables for Staffordshire 1801 to 1901, (Donated by Judith Fowler)

  21. Photo copies of pages from Kelly's 1872 Staffs Directory, Extract from book referring to visit of King & Queen in 1913 - (Donated by Judith Fowler)

  22. Photocopies of Geological maps for the British Isles, Handout from Les & Margery Bradshaw memorial Meeting 29th July 1999 - (Donated by Judith Fowler)

  23. Linen backed paper copy of Rating Plan of Betley Road Station dated April 1926 ( Obtained by Phil Coops & Donated by BLHS)

  24. 2 page article reference Betley Road Station published in Backtrack in 1987 (Donated by Gregor Shufflebotham)

  25. Certified copy of an entry of birth for Victoria Grace Wrench - 12th August 1887 at Ravenshall. (Donated by Gregor Shufflebotham)

  26. Hardback book - "The adventures of Robinson Crusoe" inscribed Harry Booth, Betley Sunday School - (Donated by Gregor Shufflebotham)

  27. Photocopy of Sutton Bennion wedding photograph outside Betley Old Hall 1921. (Donated by Shiela Berrisford nee Sutton)

  28. Copy of "Book of the Village" produced by the WI in 1948 , also CD . (Arranged by Rhoda Farrington & copied by Mike Hatton)

  29. Copy of "Egerton of Egerton", Cheshire section of "The English Baronets" 1727. (Book owned by Anne Dorken) - (Passed on by Gregor Shufflebotham)

  30. Hardback book - "Country Conversations-The Humour of Old Village Life in the Midlands" 1923, (Donated by Gregor Shufflebotham)

  31. Photocopy of Main Road Betley looking south photograph c. 1940. (Sent by Monica Bolin of Missouri, USA) - (Passed on by Gregor Shufflebotham)

  32. Copy of "The Library of George Tollet, Neglected Shakespearean". (Donated by Gregor Shufflebotham)

  33. Copy of a postal cover & letter by George Tollett "To His Grace The Duke of Norfolk" (Donated by Gregor Shufflebotham)

  34. Copy of a letter written by Elizabeth Twemlow from Betley Court dated 11th December 1829. (Donated by Mike Tuttle)

  35. Overhead projector acetate of the first Primitive Methodist Preachers Plan for 1812. (Donated by Randle Knight)

  36. Overhead projector acetate of an old postcard view of Station Road (now Den Lane Wrinehill (Donated by Randle Knight)

  37. 3 colour photographs of the Primitive Methodist Chapel Museum & graveyard, Englesea Brook - (Donated by David Thompson)

  38. Copies from Newspapers & documents from Manchester Records Office, (all donated by Mavis Smith)

  39. 1) Part of funeral details of Mrs Twemlow, 11th February 1911

  40. 2) Advertisement for the Ladies Boarding School Grove House Betley.

  41. 3) Documents & plans relating to watercourse disputes, church pews, Queen Anne's Bounty, Wrinehill Walk,.Wrinehill etc.

  42. Large half calf bound Accounts Ledger for St. Margaret's Church 1963 / 64. (Donated by the Reverand Dr. Barry Wilson)

  43. Hand drawn map of Ravenshall Farm dated 1903. (Donated by Richard Blades)

  44. Copy of "Stone & the Coaching Age" by Steve Booth. (Purchased by Syd Scott, treasurer & donated by BLHS)

  45. Horse Brass depicting a Shire Horse & the words "Betley Show 1997" below. (Donated by Gregor Shufflebotham)

  46. Transcription & copy of the Last Will & Testament of Elizabeth Tollett dated 19th March 1750 - (Transcribed & donated by Gregor Shufflebotham)

  47. Transcription & copy of the Last Will & Testament of George Tollett dated 9th June 1718 - (Transcribed & donated by Gregor Shufflebotham)

  48. Copy of the Betley Court & Doddlespool Hall sections of "The Twemlows : their Wives and their Homes" 1910 - (Donated by Gregor Shufflebotham)

  49. Group of 25 photographs of disappearing business properties in Betley & Wrinehill between 2002 & 2005 - (Taken and donated by John Bishop)

  50. Copy of "Heleigh Castle and the Audley Family" by Harold Foster 27th December 2004. (Donated by David Thompson)

  51. Book compiled to Commemorate the 150th Anniversary of the opening of Betley School 1854 to 2004 - (Compiled and donated by Rhoda Farrington)

  52. Group of ephemeral items relating to Betley. (Donated by Barbara Speed)

  53. 1) Programme for the Coronation Celebration in Betley on 26th June 1902

  54. 2) Billhead for J Brassington & Son, Joiners, Builders & Contractors c. 1910

  55. 3) Brochure for Johnson's Remedies c. 1930's

  56. 4) Label for "Johnson's Stomach Mixture" c. 1930's

  57. 5) Two copies of "Holidays for Schoolgirls" 1936 & 1937

  58. Photograph of "The Kennels" taken from the garden of Beehive c. 1950's. (Donated by Shirley Foster of Barthomley)

  59. Aerial photograph of "The Kennels" c. 1970's. (Donated by Shirley Foster of Barthomley)

  60. Folder of items relating to Frank Turner of Laburnham Cottage.(Passed to BLHS by John Powner via David Thompson)

  61. 1) Eulogy to James Frank Bradshaw Turner 1921 to 2004

  62. 2) Two Betley Parish magazines - July 1973 & June 1976

  63. 3) Note sent to Mr. Turner by the Rev. H.D. Armstrong dated 4th November 1977

  64. 4) Letter from D.W. Becket to Councillors including Mr. Turner dated 14th July 1975

  65. 5) Order of Service for the funerals of Charles Fletcher-Twemlow and his wife Evelyn Theresa Fletcher-Twemlow.

  66. 6) Election Notice published by Mr.Turner, Independent Candidate, Newcastle & Parish Elections 7th June (no year)

  67. 7) Letter from Charles Fletcher-Twemlow to Mr. & Mrs. Turner dated 1st December 1975

  68. 8) Copy of letter to Local Government Boundary Commission sent from Laburnum Cottage.

  69. 9) Copy of the minutes of Betley & Balterley Parish Council Meeting on 25th June 1973. Chairman Mr. Turner

  70. 10) Two copies of a Public Petition dated February 1974 relating to a planning application in Bowhill Lane.

  71. 11) An OHMS envelope.

  72. Handwritten particulars of a sale by auction by Charles Butters by order of the trustees of Mr. Thos. Dean (deceased) at Black Horse Inn 4th March 1880. (all donated by Gregor Shufflebotham)

  73. 1) Lot 1 - Old Blue Bell Inn Public House, Grocers Shop & premises at Wrinehill, occupied by Mary Sherwin.

  74. 2) Lot 2 - Plot of land adjoining and occupied with Lot 1

  75. 3) Lot 3 - Dwelling House and Premises adjoining Lot 1 & Lot 2 occupied by Thomas Latham

  76. 4) An extract from the Conditions of sale concerning rights of way etc. relating to the 3 Lots.

  77. Copy extract from "Osbornes" "Grand Junction Railway Guide" 2nd edition Nov 1938 - (Donated by Gregor Shufflebotham)

  78. Cutting from Sunday Sentinal 23rd Oct 2005 with article by Betty Cooper on Francis Twemlow (1738-1865) - (Donated by David Thompson)

  79. Copies of two photographs of Charles Wigley Wickstead (1837 - 1906) of Shakenhurst & Betley Hall - (Donated by Gregor Shufflebotham)

  80. Set of four postcards by William Salt Library depicting the Betley Window. (Purchased by Syd Scott, treasurer - (Donated by BLHS)

  81. Paper copy of the 1846 Tithe Map of Betley Parish with field names shown. (Drawn by EL Bradshaw - (Donated by Judith Fowler)

  82. Group of six photographs and three postcards relating to Wilmot Taylor (Blacksmith) & family - (Donated by Dorothy Castles via Mavis Smith)

  83. Plan No.1 from the Betley Hall Estate auction catalogue of 1925. (Donated by Dorothy Castles via Mavis Smith)

  84. Offprint of the section "Heighley Castle Walk" from a book of local walks - (Donated by Bernard Ratcliffe via David Thompson)

  85. Transcript of talk "Betley in the 1920's & 1930's" by Harry Forster on 24th April 2003 - (Transcribed & donated by Rhoda Farrington)

  86. Transcription of the Betley School Log Book for November 1862 to August 1905 - (Transcribed & donated by Dorothy Hughes)

  87. Two photographs of the gardens at Betley Court taken in the 1930's to 1940's period. (Donated by Mrs Leach)

  88. Copy section on the Church Heraldry at Audley & Betley from North Staffs Field Club Transactions 1984-85. - Donated by Gregor Shufflebotham

  89. Copies of two extracts from the monthly periodical "Gentleman's Magazine". - Donated by Gregor Shufflebotham

  90. 1) Letter to the Editor giving a description of Betley, the Church and it's M I's - June 1809 edition

  91. 2) Letter to the Editor giving a description of Audley, the Church and it's M I's - Aug 1813 edition (Part 1 only)

  92. Betley Parish Magazine for May 1975. (Donated by Syd Scott)

  93. Copy of the Auction Catalogue for the sale of the contents of Doddlespool Hall 30th April 1982. (Donated by Syd Scott)

  94. Transcript of talk "Betley Road Station & Tip" by Harold & Harry Forster on 22nd Feb 2001 - (Transcribed & donated by Eileen & Syd Scott)

  95. Copy of the booklet "The Betley Story 1086 to 1961" prepared by Capt. Charles Fletcher Twemlow - (Donated by Judy Betley Smith)

  96. Copy of photograph taken outside the south front of Betley Old Hall. c. 1914. (Donated by John & Lucy Burgess)

  97. Pottery mug presented to Betley schoolchildren in 1977. Commemorates granting of Betley Charter & Queen Elizabeth II's Silver Jubilee in 1952. (Donated by Anne Becket)

  98. Horse Brass of traction engine stamped with Betley Show & 1990. (Donated by Gregor Shufflebotham)

  99. Copy of the booklet "The Crewe Waters" detailing brooks flowing near Crewe. (Donated by Gregor Shufflebotham)

  100. Copy of an original engraved Coat of Arms for The Right Honble James Touchet Lord Audley of Heleigh of England and Earl of Castlehaven in Ireland. (Donated by Gregor Shufflebotham)

  101. Copy report on Royal Agricultural Society of England's meeting in Shrewsbury July 19th 1845.

  102. - Illustrated is George Tollet of Betley Hall (1767 - 1855) (Donated by Gregor Shufflebotham)

  103. List of Betley, Audley, & Balterley Volunteers for both companies in 1803. (Donated by Paul Anderton)

  104. Photograph of Wagon & Horses (now Potters Lodge) public house on Nantwich Road c.1975. (Donated by Syd Scott)

  105. Copy of an 11p. bus ticket inscribed C&M Sergent c. 1970's (Donated by Gregor Shufflebotham)

  106. Framed aerial photograph of Betley Cricket Club ground in 1999. (Donated by John Machin)

  107. Three photographs of the Hand & Trumpet Wrinehill during alterations in 2005/06. (Taken & donated by Mike Tuttle)

  108. Betley Show brass plaque dated 1980 showing a shire horse. (Donated by Gregor Shufflebotham)

  109. Betley Show horse brasses.1983 (traction engine),1984 (tractor),1985 (stationary engine) (Donated by Gregor Shufflebotham)

  110. Copy of "Receiving Arcadia - Betley Court's Historic Garden" 2006. (Published & donated by Prof. Godfrey N Brown)

  111. Copy of "Audley Community News" Issue 12, June 2006. (Donated by Gregor Shufflebotham)

  112. Photocopy of early view of Beehive Cottage showing beehive model house in garden. (Donated by Dorothy Hughes)

  113. Photocopy of early view of New Road at Wrinehill. (Donated by Dorothy Hughes)

  114. Information on White Barn Colliery Knutton founded in 1800 by the Lawton family. (Donated by Pat Macmillan)

  115. Copy of original photograph of Betley Scout Group 1915 (Photo loaned by Olive Breeze, Passed on by Cynthia Arrowsmith)

  116. Copy of the Coat of Arms of Sir Holland Egerton c. 1686 - 1730. (Donated by Gregor Shufflebotham)

  117. Original Railtrack Betley Road Signal Box Log Book 17 Jul to 8th Aug 2002. (Donated by Gregor Shufflebotham)

  118. Copy of Photograph of Bow Hill Bank Cottage in Bowhill Lane. (Donated by Eric Garvin)

  119. Eleven Betley Show programmes from 1972 to 1982. (Donated by Mrs. England - now at Peover)

  120. Six Betley Show programmes from 1975 to 1979 & Betley Show Handbill for 1979. (Donated by Jayne Speed)

  121. Two groups of Boy Scout Badges on cloth which belonged to Ivor Glover's father, a member of the Betley Boy Scout Troop - Given by Ivor Glover to Margaret Gleeve who passed them on to BLHS

  122. Copy of "Grandad Lawton's Stories", a collection of 5 pieces by Ralph Steer Lawton (1867 - 1940) (Donated by Pat Macmillan)

  123. Copy of "A Brief History of Wrinehill" by Roy Rushton 2006. (Donated by Roy Rushton)


  1. George Tollett to Josiah Wedgewood (12) - 1810 - 1825

  2. Part of letter apparently from George Tollett not addressed or dated

  3. J F Boughey Fletcher - 1805

  4. John Twemlow Elms - 1810

  5. J F Boughey to The Board of Ordnance - 1810

  6. John Nash to Sir Thomas Fletcher - 1808

  7. James Morgan to Sir Thomas Fletcher - 1808

  8. John Nash to Mr. Lynn 1808

  9. P Herman to Mr. Forster plus attached notes - Probably Mid 1940's

  10. Mrs. Gaskell whilst on a visit to Betley Hall - 1854

  11. Mr. Ted Kendrick to Mr. and Mrs. David Thompson - 2000

  12. London and North Western Railway to Thomas Hampson - 1865

  13. William Hilditch (Transported Prisoner on Board the Ranolph) - 1766 With attachments dated 1776

  14. Trustees of Newcastle and Nantwich Turnpike Road to Lord Wilton - 1876

  15. George Tollett to George Wickstead - 1825

Bills And Receipts  

  1. Repairs to Betley Old Hall - 1783

  2. For Work Done at Betley Court - 1804 - 1808. With Letters from John Nash to Sir Thomas Fletcher and Mr. Lynn

  3. Glazing Account for Betley Hall - 1736

  4. From J Brassington to Mr. Clarke for Funeral Expenses

  5. To Lord Chetwyn for New Well - 1737

  6. To Lord Chetwyn for Bricks from John Lockett - 1736

  7. John Nash to Mr. Lynn for Travelling Expenses - 1808

  8. Receipt from Mr. Hawkins to Sir Thomas Fletcher - 1810

  9. Samuel? Lewis Settling a Bill from Thomas Whittaker to Sir Thomas Fletcher - 1808

The Church  

  1. Betley Church Seating Plan - Circa 1758

  2. Questionnaire from the Bishop of Lichfield to the Minister of Keele - 1772

  3. Extracts from Betley Parish Registers - 1831

  4. Extracts from Betley Parish Registers - 1584 - 1750

  5. Service of Dedication of Clock & Memorial Plaques Presented to Church in Memory of the Late Charles Fletcher -Twemlow

  6. Betley Parish News - 1964

  7. Dedication of Organ - 1895

  8. Flower Festival & Church Decoration - 1967

Local Maps 

  1. Footpath Map - 1:25000

  2. Chetwyn Estate Map - 1747

  3. William Yates Map of County of Stafford - 1775

  4. Church Burial Plots - 1995

  5. Wrinehill & Ravenshall - 1900

  6. Tithe Map - 1845

  7. Betley - 1899

  8. Stafford - 1610

Other Publications

  1. Sale of contents of Doddlespool Hall - 1982

  2. The History of Settle Speakman & Co 1860 - 1960

  3. The Water Mills of the Borough of Newcastle - George Riley - 1991

  4. Ancient Water Mills on the Checkley Brook - George Riley - 1987

  5. From Mow Cop to Englesea Brook - A Primitive Methodist Heritage Trail - 1988

  6. Cheshire Within Living Memory - 1994

  7. Rules and Articles of the Female Friendly Society - 1810

  8. The Making of your Neighbourhood - 1972

  9. Historic Sketch of Betley - North Staffs Field Club - 1886

  10. Sale of Betley Hall Estate - 1947

  11. A Wartime Evacuee Returns to Betley - Phillip H Herman - 1998

  12. Betley through the Ages - Godfrey N Brown - 1985

  13. A Brief History of Blurton Church and Parish - 1977

  14. The Betley Story 1086 - 1961

  15. St Margaret's Church Monumental Inscriptions - 1998