NEW for 2019:

A 269-page book is now available, about the letters between Ellen Tollet and Anabelle Crewe, written by Mavis and Peter Smith.

Containing 35 illustrations, the book can be purchased from the  Nantwich Bookshop and Coffee Lounge for £9.99, or it can be purchased directly from the author (+£3.00 p&p - you can either email the Society to contact Mavis or email her directly at p.smith.crewe@gmail.com).

ISBN: 978-0-9538151-6-6


The Society has produced a number of publications that are available for purchase.

To purchase any publication, please place an order by email here. Please note that we add the cost for postage & packing to the published price - £3.50 (in the UK) or £6.50 (if outside the UK).

Thanks for supporting the Society.

  1. Betley Soldiers in the Napoleonic Wars by Mavis E Smith with a foreword by Ian Walton. ISBN 978-0-9538151-9 pp.28 £2.50

  2. Betley Village - a DVD The story of a Staffordshire Village and its two big houses A Timelines film. c.2003 40 mins £8.00

  3. Betley - A Coal Mining Village? by David B Thompson - December 2001 pp.46 £4.50

  4. The Railway and Railwaymen of Betley by David B Thompson - March 2002 pp.58 £4.50

  5. Lest we Forget - A Study of the Young Men of the Betley, Wrinehill, Ravenshall, Bowsy Wood & Balterley Districts who gave Their Lives in Two World Wars by Phil Coops - 2003 pp.85 £5.50

  6. A Wartime Evacuee returns to Betley by Philip H Herman - May 1995 Edited with notes by David B Thompson pp.48 £3.00

  7. Ancient Waterwheels on the Checkley Brook by G Riley - 1987 pp.15 £2.50

  8. Surveys of the Poor Rate 1824 etc. by Phil Coops - Undated pp.100 £6.00

  9. Chaucer's Tales - The Reminiscences of a Village Lad by Geoffrey Brassington c.2001 with explanatory notes by David B Thompson pp.70 £5.00

  10. A Village Education - Betley School in the 20th Century by Jack Madden - 2015 pp.12 £2.00

  11. The History of The Post in Betley by Mike Tuttle - March 2011 pp.23 £4.00

  12. Betley in the 1850's : Letters to America from Joseph Barker, Anglo-American Reformer by Martin Crawford - December 2007 pp.23 £4.00

  13. The Tollet Family of Betley Hall; A story of this family who left their mark on Betley by Mavis E Smith - August 2005 pp.36 £6.00

  14. The Legacy of "The Tollets' Estate" in the landscape of the present day village of Betley as reflected in the sale of 1925 by David B Thompson - March 2005 pp.67 £4.50

  15. Betley during the Second World War: The Organisation of the Air-Raid Wardens, Firewatchers and First Aiders by David B Thompson - October 2003 pp.28 £4.50

  16. Mishaps, Petty Misdemeanors, and Downright Villainy in Betley, Balterley and Wrinehill as reported in the Staffordshire Advertiser during the Reign of Queen Victoria 1840-1884 by David B Thompson - September 2003 pp.39 £4.50

  17. Betley's Cultural Heritage-From Prince Rupert to Robbie Williams by Godfrey N Brown - October 2002 pp.23 £5.00

  18. Betley Dad's Army and all that; 1939 -1945 by David B Thompson - October 2002 pp.56 £4.50

  19. Rules & Articles of the Female Friendly Society by Phil Coops - Spring 2000 pp.12 £1.75

  20. Betley's Cultural Heritage-From Prince Rupert to Robbie Williams by Godfrey N Brown - October 2002 pp.23 £5.00

We also have some additional publications that are currently out of print:

  1. Ellen Tollet of Betley Hall - Journals and Letters from 1835 (includes 60 illustrations) Edited by Mavis E Smith - 2008. ISBN 978-0-9538151-3-5 pp.256

  2. Another wartime evacuee returns to Betley The Story of Shirley Ford (nee Pepper) from Harrow Middlesex by David B Thompson - August 2006 pp.20

  3. Experiences of a World War II Guernsey Evacuee in Cheshire by Derek C Laine - October 2009 pp.5

  4. Betley - A Village of Contrasts (Hardback & Paperback) Edited by Robert Speake - 1980. Keele University Extramural Department pp.225

  5. Wings of White Linen The Story of the Wellington Bomber Crash near Bridgemere by Derek Inskeep - 2007 (A4 Hardback) pp.230

  6. Diary of a Betley Governess (which includes 17 illustrations) Edited by Mavis Smith - 2010 ISBN 978-0-9538151-4-2 pp.98