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Walking Tour of Audlem with Celia Bloor

Following Celia’s recent excellent talk, we will be enjoying a walking tour of Audlem on the evening of the 30th. We will see some of the wonderful historic sights associated with this beautiful village and be able to experience some of Audlem’s rich history at first hand.

Whether or not you were able to hear the talk in April, if you would like to join us then please meet at Betley Village Hall car park, so that we can leave at 6pm in the minimum number of vehicles. Alternatively, join us at Audlem at 6:30pm in the public car park close to the church.

All are very welcome to attend.

Non-members £2

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The Battle of Blore Heath

A talk by Mark Tinsley.

Mark will talk about the Battle of Blore Heath in 1459 during The English Wars of the Roses.

The talk will explain a little of the back-history about why Blore Heath happened, provide some data on the participants, the weaponry involved, the landscape of the battlefield, the course of the battle itself and its aftermath.

BLHS Members £2; Non-members £3.

Here’s a little more about Mark…

Mark Hinsley has been a re-enactor of the Wars of the Roses for 32 years and involved with the Battle of Blore Heath for 27, appearing as witness on historical grounds in the 1992 planning inquiry into parts of the site being quarried in 1992. (This was the first occasion on which a battle site was successfully defended from development under planning). 

For many years he led the anniversary guided walk on the battle, (now curtailed due to changing crop patterns), and has given numerous presentations and guided walks on Blore Heath and other topics related to the Wars of the Roses, to Local History Societies and Museums, Universities and the Richard III Society. He was the organiser of the ‘Blore 550’ series of events in 2009. He is currently the Research Officer of the Blore Heath Heritage Group and Battlefield Custodian for Blore Heath on behalf of the Battlefields Trust. 

He is also currently writing a book on the battle.

In his ‘day job’ he is a consulting civil engineer specialising in the remediation of contaminated land.

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North Staffordshire Women

A talk by local historian, cartoonist, author and artist Mervyn Edwards.

Mervyn’s talk looks at the lives of several women who made their mark in North Staffordshire. These include pottery designer Clarice Cliff, one of the most fascinating creative talents ever to emerge from the Potteries - and the good deeds of two very different political and social campaigners: Millicent, Duchess of Sutherland (the Princess Diana of her day) and also the spitfire from Silverdale who gave her name to the Fanny Deakin Maternity Home.

BLHS Members £2; Non-members £3.

For more information you can visit Mervyn’s website here.

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Talking 'Butts' ...and other odd ideas

A talk by Anthony Poulton-Smith.

Talking Butts: the many odd ideas, often accepted as a part of history, which have no basis in fact.
The title comes from the many minor place names, found most often for fields or narrow lanes, seen as 'The Butts' or similar and commonly thought to show where medieval villagers honed their skills with the long bow. Yet it is easy to see this could never be true as the name nearly always appears several centuries before the law allowing the male villagers to miss church on Sundays in order to practise.

Many other 'facts’ will be given an airing and shown they could never stand up to scrutiny.

BLHS Members £2; Non-members £3.

For more information about Anthony you can visit his website here.

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The Royal secrets of Spode

A talk by Ray Elks at the Betley Methodist Chapel, The Butts, Betley, CW3 9AS.

A behind the scenes talk on Spode's connections with the Great Royal Families of Europe and in particular with the British Royal Family. Hear how Josiah Spode was a leading light in the Ceramic Industry and how he made the single most important discovery in the history of British Ceramics.

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