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War Memorial Return's Home.


The War Memorial in the above picture was found by myself on a stall at a car boot sale near Crewe, Cheshire. It would be true to say that I was disgusted that something like this could be offered for sale in such a way, just to raise a few pounds for the seller. I was able to obtain a purchase for £15.00 and was happy to do so, so now having bought the memorial, the next thing that I had to do was to discover where the memorial came from, this was achieved with the help of the members of the South Cheshire branch of the Western Front Association who discovered that it was originally from a Chapel just off the town centre of Crewe, which has been pulled down in the name of progress, The memorial was cleaned, as the colour when found was just two shades off black, and it was decided that as there is only one Methodist Chapel in Crewe, that being on the corner of Hightown and Samuel street, that we  should see if they would like to have it on display there. I went to meet the Rev.  D. Winstanley, who introduced me to some of the congregation and they were all delighted that the memorial was going to their chapel; I presented the memorial about two weeks before Remembrance Sunday this gave them time to erect the memorial on the north wall and it was commemerated on Rememberence Sunday 2004.

Hightown Methodist Church, Hightown, Crewe.                                 (C) Philip Coops 2005



The memorial inside the church, alongside is another memorial that was discovered in the church cellar.

(C)Philip Coops 2005


This window is dedicated to the members of the church who were killed fighting in the war and when bombs were dropped on to Crewe. (C) Philip Coops 2005