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Programme 2006


Most meetings take place on the last Thursday of each Month, except December, when there is no meeting.

The meetings are held at the Methodist Chapel, The Butts, Betley and start at 7.30 pm, unless an outside visit is arranged.

The Programme of Speakers & Events can change, so please refer to this list regularly

To view "Past Year's" programmes - Please Click here. 

January   26th

The reception to the Boer War in Newcastle-under-Lyme:           

John Triner

February 23rd

Foreign Tyrant Threatens.                                                                                         Invasion Imminent  -  local Response to Napoleon.                                     

Paul Anderton.

March    30th

The Bridgemere Memorial.                                                                 Derek Inskeep.

April       27th

The results of metal detecting in North Staffs.    Click title for their webpage Terry Windsor.

May       25th

Members Outside Visit.  

June       29th

An evacuee returns to Betley.                                                  Shirley Forde.
July         27th
The Les Bradshaw Memorial Meeting 

A Childhood in Betley and Bowhill Lane.

 Eric Garvin

August   17th

Members Outside Visit.  

September  21st

Letters to America.

 Martin Crawford

October      26th

The History of Madeley Manor.  Les Williams

November  23rd to 25th inclusive

Betley Local History Society: Triannual Exhibition. Lots of material & papers, photographs etc about the village.  Sub Committee


No meeting in December.